Abalone shell ring set in adjustable 925 silver - JW43



Australian abalone shell heart-shaped ring with turquoise and green shimmer, set in an adjustable 925 sterling silver band - JW43 Abalone shell is a natural tool that connects you to the element of water and the energy of the ocean. Its iridescent colors symbolize beauty and transformation. Abalone shell enhances your intuition and emotional healing, promoting a deep sense of calm and tranquility. This shell also serves as a protective shield, harmonizing and balancing your energy. Abalone shell supports your spiritual connection to the natural world and fosters a sense of flow and adaptability. #FeatherlightDustJewelry #FeatherlightDust #rings #CrystalRings #crystalringstone #CrystalRing #abalonering #abaloneshellring #heartring #abaloneheartring

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