Agate cookie with black dendritic - DN24



Agate cookie with delicate black dendrite inclusions - DN24 Agate with dendritic formations possesses an assertive and transformative energy, awakening your inner strength and personal growth with unwavering confidence. It facilitates connection with nature and the wisdom of the Earth, deepening your spiritual journey. Agate with dendritic formations promotes grounding and stability, fostering a sense of security and balance in your life. It enhances your intuition and connection with the natural world, fostering a deeper understanding of your place within it. This crystal also supports emotional healing and brings forth a sense of harmony and peace. #featherlightdustdendritic #FeatherlightDustAgate #FeatherlightDust #agate #dendritic #Dendriticinagate #dendriticagate #agatedisc #agatecookie #dendriticdisc #dendriticcookie