Amethyst with epidote, record keepers, hematite - RW33



Amethyst point with a red hematite phantom mountain and inclusions of epidote, record keepers, and rainbows. From China. RW33 Embedded within the deep purple amethyst point are patches of vivid green epidote and red hematite inclusions, which has formed a phantom mountain shape within the amethyst. The crystal surface features "record keepers" — small, flat, tabular quartz formations that resemble hieroglyphic-like markings on the surface. These formations are believed to holds the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Amethyst is a variety of quartz, with the purple coloration caused by the presence of iron and other trace elements within the crystal structure. Epidote is formed under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions, often in metamorphic rock environments. Hematite is an iron oxide mineral known for its metallic luster and reddish color. Amethyst with epidote is a crystal that brings spiritual growth, healing, and transformation to your life. The combination of amethyst's calming energy and epidote's uplifting properties create a powerful synergy. Amethyst enhances your intuition and spiritual awareness, facilitating deeper insights and inner healing. #FeatherlightDustEpodote #featherlightdusthematite #FeatherlightDustRecordKeepers #FeatherlightDust #amethyst #rainbowamethyst #rainbowquartz #ametrine #rainbowametrine #fingerprintamethyst #phantomamethyst #amethystfaceted #ametrinefaceted #amethystcabochon #epidote #amethystepidote #amethystwithhematite #hematiteamethyst #redhematiteamethyst