Ametrine with hematite, epidote, record keepers - RW31



Ametrine cluster with amethyst and citrine, inclusions of hematite and epidote, rainbows, a giant record keeper, and elestial etchings. RW31 Locale: China Ametrine is a quartz that displays a natural blend of amethyst and citrine within a single crystal. Interspersed throughout the ametrine are black, metallic inclusions of hematite. Hematite is an iron oxide mineral known for its grounding and protective properties. There are green, needle-like inclusions of epidote, a calcium aluminium silicate mineral that’s believed to enhance spiritual growth and energetic transformation. There are rainbow inclusions and a giant record keeper, which is thought to amplify the crystal's metaphysical properties and ability to store energetic information. Ametrine harmonizes the energies of amethyst and citrine, promoting mental clarity and manifestation abilities. Hematite provides grounding and protection, while epidote enhances spiritual growth and transformation. Together, they support your emotional healing, amplify intuition, and foster a sense of stability and empowerment on your path. #FeatherlightDustAmethyst #FeatherlightDustEpidote #FeatherlightDust #amethyst #rainbowamethyst #rainbowquartz #ametrine #rainbowametrine #fingerprintamethyst #phantomamethyst #amethystwithepidote #ametrinefaceted #amethystepidote #amethystwithhematite #hematiteamethyst #redhematiteamethyst