Aquamarine carving of a flying baby dragon - AQ146



Gem-grade aquamarine carving of a flame-blowing baby dragon with wings - AQ146 Aquamarine dragon is a crystal companion that embodies the metaphysical properties of aquamarine and the symbolism of the dragon archetype. It represents wisdom, strength, and transformation. Aquamarine dragon enhances your spiritual connection and intuition, guiding you on your path. It brings a sense of protection and courage, assisting you in overcoming obstacles and embracing personal growth. Aquamarine dragon is a powerful symbol of spiritual wisdom, strength, and transformation on your journey. Dragons represent power, strength, and wisdom, and are associated with protection, often seen as guardians or bringers of good fortune. They symbolize transformation, representing the balance between chaos and order. Dragons are also connected to the spiritual realm and are seen as intermediaries between earthly and divine realms. They embody primal energy and embody the forces of creation and destruction. #FeatherlightDustAquamarine #FeatherlightDust #aquamarine #aquamarinecabochon #gemaquamarine #aquamarinejewellery #aquamarinejewelry #aquamarinering #aquamarineearrings #aquamarinenecklace #aquamarinebracelet #gemgradeaquamarine #rawaquamarine #aquamarinecluster

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