Aquamarine with morganite carving of Qilin & dragon - MGN1



Aquamarine carving of a Qilin on top of a morganite carving of a dragon. The Qilin and Dragon are both revered mythical creatures in East Asian symbolism. The Qilin symbolizes auspiciousness, wisdom, and benevolence, representing good fortune and the arrival of great leaders. The Dragon symbolizes power, strength, and transformation, embodying the forces of nature and imperial authority. Together, they represent a harmonious balance of yin and yang energies, combining wisdom, strength, and divine blessings in the realm of mythology and symbolism. Morganite radiates pure love energy, elevating your heart chakra and fostering deep emotional healing and compassion. It awakens your inner strength and courage, empowering you to embrace vulnerability and open your heart to love. This crystal enhances your self-acceptance and self-love, nurturing your emotional well-being. Morganite also promotes harmony in relationships, attracting and strengthening connections based on love and mutual understanding. It supports you in manifesting and nurturing loving relationships in your life. #qilin #dragon #morganite #China #history #mythology #FeatherlightDust #FeatherlightDustCarvings #FeatherlightDustMorganite