Arfvedsonite heart slab with peacock flash - AFV5



Arfvedsonite heart-shaped slab with peacock flash inclusions and quartz inclusions - AFV5 Arfvedsonite is a rare blue to black mineral with a distinctive metallic luster. There's a shimmering "peacock flash" effect on the surface of the slab. As light hits the slab, the inclusions refract the light, producing an iridescent, multicolored play of colors across the surface. The primary color of this arfvedsonite heart is a deep, inky blue-black, with green hues scattered throughout. This dark coloration gives the slab a bold, dramatic visual presence. Interspersed within the arfvedsonite are patches of quartz-like inclusions. This arfvedsonite heart slab exhibits the distinctive deep blue-black coloration and metallic luster of the arfvedsonite mineral. The inclusion of the quartz-like peacock flash elements adds an extra layer of visual interest and complexity to the piece. Arfvedsonite is a crystal that brings insight, protection, and grounding to your spiritual path. Its deep blue-black color symbolizes inner strength and transformation. Arfvedsonite also enhances your intuition and psychic abilities, helping you gain deeper insights and spiritual guidance. It can provide protection from negative energies and promote a strong energetic boundary. #FeatherlightDustArfvedsonite #FeatherlightDust #arfvedsonite #arfvedsoniteheart #arfvedsoniteslab #arfvedsonitecarving #arfvedsonitetower #arfvedsonitecrystal #arfvedsonitesphere #arfvedsonitejewelry #arfvedsonitepoint #arfvedsonitebracelet #arfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonite #bluearfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonitecarving

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