Arfvedsonite moon with garnet and quartz - AFV4



Arfvedsonite moon with garnet and quartz inclusions. From China. AFV4 This moon-shaped slab displays the typical prismatic crystal habit of arfvedsonite, with the surface reflecting light in an almost metallic manner. Embedded within the arfvedsonite are inclusions of garnet and clear quartz, with the garnet adding splashes of red. These inclusions naturally happen when the mineral forms and incorporates other elements present in the surrounding geologic environment. Arfvedsonite is a sodium-rich amphibole mineral, a group known for their complex crystal structures and varied compositions. It forms under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions, typically in igneous and metamorphic rock formations. The mineral's deep blue-black color is due to the presence of iron in its chemical structure. Arfvedsonite is relatively rare compared to more common amphibole varieties, but it can be found in various places around the world, including China, Greenland, Canada, and Namibia. Arfvedsonite is a crystal that brings insight, protection, and grounding to your spiritual path, promoting a strong energetic boundary. Its deep blue-black color symbolizes inner strength and transformation. Arfvedsonite will enhance your intuition and psychic abilities, helping you gain spiritual guidance. #FeatherlightDustArfvedsonite #FeatherlightDust #arfvedsonite #arfvedsoniteheart #arfvedsoniteslab #arfvedsonitecarving #arfvedsonitetower #arfvedsonitecrystal #arfvedsonitesphere #arfvedsonitejewelry #arfvedsonitepoint #arfvedsonitebracelet #arfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonite #bluearfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonitecarving