Arfvedsonite tower with garnet and pyrite - AFV17



Arfvedsonite tower with red garnet, pyrite inclusions, and feathery peacock flash - AFV17 Arfvedsonite is a rare blue-to-black colored amphibole mineral that forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks. The deep blue-black color is complemented by the presence of red garnets and golden pyrite. Arfvedsonite is composed of sodium, iron, magnesium, and silica. It forms under high temperature and pressure conditions, often in association with other minerals like aegirine and nepheline. Arfvedsonite has a relatively low Mohs hardness of 5 to 6. Arfvedsonite is known for its ability to enhance intuition and provide energetic protection. It's a crystal that enhances your psychic abilities, helping you gain deeper insights and spiritual guidance. It provides protection from negative energies and promotes a strong energetic boundary. The deep blue-black color symbolizes inner strength and transformation. #FeatherlightDustArfvedsonite #FeatherlightDust #arfvedsonite #arfvedsoniteheart #arfvedsoniteslab #arfvedsonitecarving #arfvedsonitetower #arfvedsonitecrystal #arfvedsonitesphere #arfvedsonitejewelry #arfvedsonitepoint #arfvedsonitebracelet #arfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonite #bluearfvedsonitebutterfly #bluearfvedsonitecarving

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