Bi-color tourmaline with step terminations - TR69



Blue and green bi-color tourmaline specimen with natural step terminations and rainbows. From Afghanistan. TR69 *Comes with a free specimen case* This bi-color tourmaline specimen showcases a captivating blend of blue and green hues and distinct step-like terminations. Tourmaline is a complex silicate mineral that can incorporate a variety of trace elements, resulting in a diverse range of colors. In this case, the blue and green tones are likely due to the presence of iron and chromium impurities within the crystal structure. The step terminations are a result of the tourmaline's unique growth pattern. As the crystal formed, it added new layers in a step-like fashion, creating these distinctive faceted terminations. This specimen also exhibits rainbow-like iridescence within the crystal, caused by the interaction of light with tiny inclusions or imperfections trapped inside the tourmaline, creating a prismatic display of colors. Tourmaline can be found in a variety of igneous and metamorphic rock environments, often associated with granite, pegmatite, and schist formations. This particular specimen is from Afghanistan, a region renowned for its diverse and exceptional tourmaline deposits. Blue tourmaline is a crystal that brings calmness, communication, and spiritual awareness into your life. Its soothing blue hues symbolize tranquility and serenity. Tourmaline enhances your ability to express yourself with clarity and compassion, promoting effective communication and harmonious interactions. #FeatherlightDustTourmaline #FeatherlightDustRainbows #FeatherlightDust #tourmaline #greentourmaline #blacktourmaline #greentourmalinering #greentourmalines #greentourmalinejewelry #greentourmalineinquartz #greentourmalinenecklace #greentourmalineearrings #greentourmalinependant #greentourmalinestone #greentourmalinejewellery #blacktourmalinejewelry #blacktourmalinecrystal #blacktourmalinenecklace #blacktourmalinependant #blacktourmalinequartz #bluetourmaline #bicolortourmaline #tricolortourmaline

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