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We're Featherlight Dust crystals, a Hong Kong-based online crystal shop offering healing stones, protection crystals, and other kinds of semi-precious gemstones all hand-picked and sourced globally. Here, you'll discover a wide range of crystals, offering a variety of options to cater to different needs and interests. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crystal enthusiast, we have something for everyone. Are you seeking crystals to help with anxiety? Our collection includes specific crystals known for their calming and soothing properties, offering support during challenging times. Explore moon crystal stones, red jasper stones, and more to find the perfect crystal companions. Looking for crystals that promote overall well-being? From clear quartz crystals to blue crystal stones, we offer a selection of crystals renowned for their healing properties. These crystals can assist in enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. For those interested in chakra healing, we provide a range of options. Discover throat chakra crystals, sacral chakra crystals, root chakra crystals, and more. These crystals can aid in balancing and harmonizing your energy centers, promoting a sense of vitality and alignment. Our crystal shop also offers crystals for specific purposes. Whether you're looking for crystals to manifest your desires, crystals for self-love, or crystals for positive energy, we have you covered. Explore golden healer quartz, heart chakra crystals, and other varieties to support your intentions. In addition to crystals, we offer a selection of healing stone bracelets and crystal jewelry. Adorn yourself with the beauty and energy of these pieces, allowing their positive vibrations to accompany you throughout the day. Visit our crystal shop today, where you can find a wide range of healing stones and crystals. Experience their transformative power and discover the perfect crystals to support your well-being. ✈️ International shipping: ▪️ We now offer free international shipping! ▪️ Shipping internationally generally takes around 7 to 10 business days, longer when there are public holidays or during festive seasons ▪️ Tracking links are available upon request 📧 Write to us at info@featherlightdust.com Terms and conditions: ▪️ Processing time for each order is 2 business days maximum ▪️ We'll point out any obvious damage, but we’re not responsible for naturally-formed cracks or scratches. Please watch our detailed product videos from start to finish before purchasing ▪️ All sales are final. We don't accept put backs, exchanges, returns, or refunds ▪️ Once the package has been dropped off at couriers or postal services, we're not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen packages, or packages lost due to wrong or incomplete shipping addresses provided to us ▪️ Some minerals are more brittle by nature, and tiny portions of a crystal that is already loose may further loosen during shipping and handling. By purchasing from us, you acknowledge that there may be a degree of "reasonable damage" and that we're not responsible ▪️ International customers are 100% responsible for researching and paying your country's customs duty fees and taxes ▪️ We're not responsible if your package is held up by your country's customs authority due to unpaid customs duty fees or taxes ▪️ By purchasing from us, you agree to these policies Hong Kong customers: ▪️ Delivery by SF Express