Amethyst enhydro with moving bubble, rutiles - S78



Amethyst enhydro raw stone with a big, clear moving bubble, rutile inclusions, and rainbows - S78 Amethyst enhydro exudes a profound and assertive energy, awakening your intuition, spiritual growth, and inner wisdom with unwavering confidence. It enhances your connection to higher realms and expands your consciousness. Amethyst enhydro promotes emotional healing and inner peace, soothing anxiety and stress. It stimulates clarity of thought and deepens your meditation practice. This crystal also provides protection and purifies your energy field, creating a harmonious and balanced environment for growth. #featherlightdustamethyst #FeatherlightDustEnhydros #featherlightdustrutiles #amethyst #enhydro #amethystenhydro #rutilatedamethyst #amethystwithrutiles #rutileamethyst

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