Enhydro smoky quartz pixiu with 2 bubbles - EN17



Enhydro smoky quartz carving of a pixiu with 2 moving bubbles - EN17 Pixiu, a mythical creature in Chinese culture, symbolizes wealth, abundance, and protection. It's often depicted as a powerful combination of a lion and a dragon, representing courage and strength. Pixiu is believed to attract and safeguard wealth, ward off evil spirits, and bring good fortune. It's regarded as a symbol of prosperity, success, and the ability to overcome obstacles on the path to wealth and abundance. Enhydro smoky quartz is a crystal that enhances your emotional healing and self-discovery. It contains ancient water trapped within its structure, symbolizing the flow of emotions and facilitating their release. Enhydro smoky quartz also promotes grounding and protection, supporting you during times of change. It enhances your intuition and connection to higher wisdom, aiding in spiritual exploration and growth. Enhydro smoky quartz is a powerful crystal for emotional healing, intuition, and transformation. #FeatherlightDustSmokyQuartz #featherlightdustcarvings #FeatherlightDustEnhydros #FeatherlightDust #rainbowsmoky #rainbowsmokyquartz #rainbowquartz #smokyquartz #enhydro #enhydrosmokyquartz #enhydrocarving #smokyquartzcarving #smokyquartzenhydro #pixiu #enhydropixiu #smokyquartzpixiu

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