Golden rutilated garden quartz cabochon - RT40



Golden rutilated cabochon garden quartz with a big slice of rainbow Rutilated garden quartz empowers you with its metaphysical properties, combining the amplifying energy of clear quartz with the transformative power of golden rutile. It enhances your spiritual growth, intuition, and manifestation abilities. This crystal brings clarity and focus to your intentions, while releasing negative energy and promoting healing. Rutilated garden quartz harmonizes your energy field with the natural world, fostering a deep connection to the Earth and all its beauty. It supports your journey of self-discovery and transformation, guiding you towards a life of purpose and fulfillment. #FeatherlightDustRutiles #FeatherlightDustGarden #FeatherlightDust #gardenquartzwithrutile #rutilatedquartz #rutilatedgardenquartz

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