Lepidolite lithium mica with diamond - RW40



Lepidolite mica raw stone with incredible shine and layers of shiny mica overlaying purple lithium and featuring a diamond-shaped inclusion that shines a deep red when light shines through it. RW40 Measurements: 17mm x 82.5mm x 71.2mm Weight: 122.9g Lepidolite mica empowers you with its metaphysical properties, bringing calm, balance, and emotional healing. It alleviates stress and anxiety, promoting a deep sense of peace and serenity. This crystal enhances your spiritual growth, expanding consciousness and intuition. Lepidolite mica dissipates negative energy, fostering emotional stability and clarity. It supports you in releasing old patterns, embracing self-acceptance, and cultivating a harmonious and fulfilling life. #FeatherlightDustLepidolite #featherlightdustclusters #FeatherlightDust #rawlepidolite #lepidolite #lepidolitemica #mica #micalepidolite #rawlepidolitemica

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