Pink amethyst and pink flower agate - AG184



Flower agate tower with a bit of everything: pink amethyst, rainbows on the quartzy flower petals, dendritic, red agate, and druzy - AG184 Flower agate awakens your inner beauty and grace, radiating tranquility, self-love, and spiritual growth. It enhances your intuition and connection to higher realms, facilitating profound insights and wisdom. This crystal promotes emotional healing, soothing anxiety and stress. Flower agate inspires creativity and self-expression, unlocking your unique talents and gifts. It cultivates a sense of inner peace and serenity, allowing you to embrace your authentic self and experience profound spiritual transformation. #agate #floweragate #chrysanthemumagate #pinkamethyst #rainbowagate #FeatherlightDust #FeatherlightDustAgate

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