Ram's horn selenite featuring sugary swirls - SEL43



Ram's horn selenite featuring calcified growth on the swirls of sugary selenite. From Guizhou, China. SEL43 Ram's horn selenite amplifies your spiritual connection, purifies your energy field, and facilitates powerful energy flow. It cleanses and revitalizes your chakras, promoting balance and harmony. Ram's horn selenite enhances meditation and aids in accessing higher realms of consciousness. It brings mental clarity and focus, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving. Ram's horn selenite also offers protection and transmutes negative energies, empowering you to embrace your spiritual path with confidence. #FeatherlightDustSelenite #FeatherlightDustClusters #FeatherlightDust #Ramshorn #ramshornselenite #selenite #selenitecluster #rawselenite

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