Rose quartz slab with stunning marbling - RQ18



Rose quartz slab with high quality, gemmy deep pinks and gorgeous marbling - RQ18 Measurements: 92mm x 79mm x 20mm Weight: 323g Rose quartz emanates powerful love energy, nurturing and healing your heart with unwavering confidence. It opens your heart chakra, fostering deep emotional healing and compassion. This crystal attracts and enhances love in all forms, including self-love and relationships. Rose quartz promotes inner peace and harmony, soothing emotional wounds and promoting forgiveness. It also enhances your intuition and restores trust, empowering you to embrace love and experience profound emotional well-being. #rose #quartz #rosequartz #lavender #lavenderrosequartz #love #romance #beauty #FeatherlightDust #FeatherlightDustRoseQuartz #FeatherlightDustLavenderRoseQuartz

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