Smoky citrine twins with pyramid phantoms - C93



Smoky citrine twins with layers of pyramid phantoms. From Madagascar. C93 Smoky citrine radiates a commanding and transformative energy, propelling your personal and spiritual growth to new heights. It combines the powerful properties of smoky quartz and citrine, enhancing your manifestation abilities and amplifying your abundance and success. Smoky citrine promotes clarity of thought and sharpens your decision-making skills, empowering you to navigate challenges with confidence. It also cleanses and purifies your energy, releasing negativity and promoting a positive mindset. Smoky citrine stimulates creativity and motivation, fueling your drive for achievement. #featherlightdustcitrine #featherlightdustclusters #FeatherlightDust #smokycitrine #citrine #Madagascarcitrine #phantomcitrine

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