Light smoky quartz palm with rainbows - SQ27



Light smoky quartz palm stone with rainbows - SQ27 Rainbow smoky quartz emanates a powerful and assertive energy, awakening your intuition, grounding, and protection with unwavering confidence. It balances and aligns all your chakras, harmonizing your energy flow and promoting overall well-being. Rainbow smoky quartz enhances your mental clarity and focus, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving. It shields against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation, creating a protective barrier around you. This crystal also promotes spiritual growth and transformation, helping you embrace change and release old patterns. #featherlightdustsmokyquartz #featherlightdustrainbows #FeatherlightDust #smokyquartz #palmstone #smokyquartzpalm #rainbowsmokyquartz

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