Smoky quartz with negative stone-in-stone - SQ14



Rainbow smoky quartz sphere with an arrowhead-shaped stone-in-stone inclusion with a huge wall of rainbows growing like feathers - SQ14 Smoky quartz fortifies your energy, grounding and protecting you with unwavering strength and resilience. It transmutes and releases negative energies, purifying your aura and environment. This crystal enhances your intuition and clarity, enabling you to make empowered decisions with confidence. Smoky quartz promotes emotional healing and stability, bringing a sense of calm and balance to your being. It also supports spiritual growth, connecting you to higher realms and facilitating transformation. #smokyquartz #smokyquartzsphere #rainbowsmokyquartz #FeatherlightDust #featherlightdustsmokyquartz #FeatherlightDustRainbows

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