Vanadinite cluster with crystals on top and bottom - VAN8



Vanadinite cluster from Morocco with gemmy deep red hexagonal crystal clusters on both the top and the bottom - VAN8 ✈︎ International shipping starts at USD 12 ✈︎ Your order will be weighed to calculate the exact shipping cost to your location and you’ll be sent a separate invoice for shipping Shipping reference: ▪️ USA: USD 19 for 0.5kg, USD 30 for 1kg ▪️ Canada: USD 19 for 0.5kg, USD 34 for 1kg ▪️ UK: USD 17 for 0.5kg, USD 29 for 1kg ▪️ Australia: USD 15 for 0.5kg, USD 24 for 1kg ▪️ Asian countries: starts at USD 8 #FeatherlightdustVanadinite #FeatherlightdustClusters #FeatherlightDust #vanadinite #vanadinitecrystal #vanadinitecluster #moroccovanadinite #redvanadinite #moroccanvanadinite

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